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Woodbridge Va Commute: The Daily Grind of Driving To Work

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The Woodbridge Va Commute to work in northern (Maryland) or southern (Fredericksburg or Richmond) destinations – Commuting to work from Woodbridge, Virginia can be easy.  Sometimes, it’s not so easy.

Commuting is the bane of all 9 to 5 workers who live in the suburbs, (Woodbridge, Virginia) and work downtown.  Downtown Washington D.C.

We can claim 4 full-time commuting experts navigating the roads of northern Virginia- including a veteran driver.


The Woodbridge Va Commute Experience

He slugged it out on Interstate 95 for over 35 years. His first experiences involved driving into Washington D.C., crossing the 14th Street Bridge. Need I say more?

Later, he tackled the Capital Beltway into Maryland, north of the District and back south to Woodbridge – every day for nearly 15 years.

Woodbridge, Virginia commute - Commuting from Woodbridge Virginia - D.C. Metro System
Metro – ©carrollmt

Not doing the actual driving but riding Metro or the VRE? Do you work on your way to work? Check out this stylish commuting gear and a list of gift ideas for commuters!

He expertly navigated the wondrous Mixing Bowl that is Springfield, Virginia and always looked forward to the baffling mysteries of driving Shirley Highway into Arlington.

There are days, however, when it is wise to avoid the Mixing Bowl altogether.  Do you know how to get around it?

For the past dozen years, the remaining family members have endured the daily commute to and from Woodbridge VA, using various methods of transportation, riding the rails into the bowels of the District, north to Tyson’s Corner, east into Crystal City and the Pentagon and even south towards Quantico.

Woodbridge VA commute into D.C. | metrobus | woodbridgevaliving.com

Area Metro System – Metrobus, Metrorail & Metroaccess:

Bus and rail transit system operating throughout the Washington D.C. area including Northern Virginia.  Click HERE for Prince William County VRE transit schedules.

OmniRide – Commuter Bus Schedules and OmniLink (Local Bus)

Ever wonder where and how far Prince William County residents commute to work?  The PWC data is interesting! Check out how your commute compares.

Take The VRE!

When possible, their preferred method of transportation is the Virginia Railway Express.

Yes, the routes may vary in distance and direction but one thing has remained the same – the duration of the commute and the resulting stress.

Traffic cams by locality or by road throughout NOVA

Yes, the routes may vary in distance and direction but one thing has remained the same – the duration of the commute and the resulting stress.

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Heard of slug lines?

It’s a unique form of traveling to work but a popular one indeed!

Check out driving options for the Woodbridge, Virginia area.

Driving time around here is very unpredictable – unless you work from home!

There was a time when driving to Springfield Mall was a very doable…not just because it was close but the short 9 mile distance could be covered in a reasonable amount of time, unhampered by a relentless flow of traffic.

In other words, it did not require planning the drive to coincide with the light, non-rush hour traffic on Interstate 95.

Since then, the average length of time for the daily drive to work has increased from reasonable to downright ridiculous.

The traffic levels and the volume of cars have risen steadily over time, especially here in Woodbridge, and what was an obligatory part of living in the close-in suburbs – driving in to work – has become a stressful and potentially dangerous part of everyone’s daily routine.

We often pity the poor traveler, just passing through, and unaware of the tactics required to extricate themselves from the Mixing Bowl, unaware of the required change of lanes as they hurtle towards what they believe to be the correct exit for all points north.

The Woodbridge Va Commute is the bane of all 9 to 5 workers who live in the suburbs, (Woodbridge, Virginia) and work downtown.  Downtown Washington D.C. Map of Washington D.C. and suburbs
Map of Washington D.C. and suburbs

Woodbridge Va Commute – The Daily Drive

The morning trek from Woodbridge usually begins around 4:30 a.m. – Monday through Friday – and winds down close to 10 a.m.

The afternoon “rush hour” back to Woodbridge – from most locations around the Capital Beltway – revs up around 2:30 p.m. and finally tappers off by 7:30 p.m.

All this without the added construction sites at various points along the road.

This wide window clearly illustrates the many different work schedules of our residents – from those of military personnel to comp time for contractors, the typical “9 to 5”, and even “banker’s hours”.

It also demonstrates that Woodbridge is ideally located to act as the central hub for varying work destinations, which include downtown Washington D.C., Fort Belvoir, Bolling Air Force Base, Andrews Air Force Base, the Navy Yard, The Pentagon, and Quantico for military personnel.

Woodbridge Va Rail Services

The Woodbridge Va Commute is the bane of all 9 to 5 workers who live in the suburbs, (Woodbridge, Virginia) and work downtown.  Downtown Washington D.C. Woodbridge, VA VRE stationWondering how long it takes by VRE from Woodbridge, Virginia to Washington DC?

Here is our commuting experience via the Virginia Railway Express.

Here is “getting to work on time” as seen through the eyes of another commuter:

“The VRE from the Woodbridge Station at 1040 Express Way, in Woodbridge, Virginia 22191, takes about 40-50 minutes to reach the L’Enfant station (6th & 7th St. at C St. S.W., Washington, D.C. 20024) off Maryland Avenue in the District.

VRE As An Alternative To Driving I-95

Add another 4-5 minutes to reach the Terminus at Union Station.

It’s a great alternative to driving for your commute – you can relax, read a book, get a bit of work done, etc.

There’s a toilet or two on the train, comfortable seats and a nice ride overall.

The only drawbacks are that it is not accurately timed as far as arrival times. The VRE does not have precedence over the CSX freight trains on the line, and therefore must wait for them to pass if, for some reason, there is a point where the trains would intercept each other.

Commute into Arlington? Stop at the Bean Good Café!

If I had to commute to a destination anywhere that is within walking distance of L’Enfant Plaza or Union Station, or just the Metro stations in those same locations, I’d take VRE over driving any day, as long as I didn’t need to arrive at a specific time each day.

Then again, you could always arrive early.”

The Woodbridge Va Commute is the bane of all 9 to 5 workers who live in the suburbs, (Woodbridge, Virginia) and work downtown.  
Cheapest Gas In Town

Here’s a bit of good news about the Metro “Pick Your Own Price Pass“.   Calculate how much you can save with the SelectPass using this neat calculator.

Where and how do we find the cheapest gas prices in Woodbridge, VA?

[thrive_megabutton mt=”Your Woodbridge Va Gas Buddy” st=”Where To Find The Cheapest Gas In Town!” color=”light” link=”https://www.gasbuddy.com/GasPrices/Virginia/Woodbridge” target=”_blank” align=”aligncenter”]

As we all know, gas prices around Woodbridge, Virginia bounce around like a yo-yo.

We are always on the lookout for the cheapest gas in town as nearly everyone in our family commutes to various locations in the Washington DC area. Some of us even head south for the daily commute.

Finding the cheapest gas has become a regular routine but we certainly do not let it stop us from traveling to our favorite destinations to participate in various activities.

With a little planning and knowing where to find the lowest prices, we manage to keep some hard earned dollars in our pockets.

Unless you are a member of BJ’s Club or Costco, where the prices have been creep up as well, it has become a regular routine to locate the stations which have the lowest prices.

You can even use MapQuest to locate the nearest stations!

Before your get on the road, check out the prices at GasBuddy can help you find cheap Woodbridge gas prices and stations in your area.


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