Uncle Julios Restaurant Woodbridge Va: Order The Best Tex Mex Dishes North Of The Border

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I’ve often wondered about Uncle Julios Restaurant Woodbridge Va on a cuisine level.   What the difference was between Tex Mex food and true Mexican recipes?  Uncle Julios restaurant Woodbridge Va makes it delicious to discover both cuisines in a variety of dishes.

Basically, it’s Mexican cuisine with big Texas flavor but I did not realize there was such a difference in the use of ingredients between the two.  Until now.


The food is so good that it often inspires the family grill-master to tackle Tex Mex at home.

In a hurry to try your hand at it? ==> Discover The Best In Tex Mex Cuisine! style=

Whether you decide to eat inside the restaurant in a cantina styled dining room or the exterior patio, the food and the music will quickly carry you south of the border.
 Mexican vs Tex-Mex Tacos Poster
So, for a pequeño bit of Tex Mex food history, the difference lies in the use of a few key ingredients such as the use of beef, wheat flour instead of corn, yellow cheese like cheddar instead of cotija or queso fresco.

Bottom line is that, while in Woodbridge, Virginia, if you are hungry for Tex Mex then head to Uncle Julio’s Mexican restaurant.

They serve authentic Mexican dishes with a Tex Mex mesquite flavor.

For Dinner Tonight, Eat At Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Woodbridge, Virginia!

Whenever my family and I are in Stonebridge, and looking for a place to eat, we invariably end up at Uncle Julio’s Mexican restaurant.

Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Woodbridge Va: Where The Swirl Is King

Just look for the bright yellow neon arrow and you know you’re in the right place (not to mention the wonderful mesquite grilled carne asada aroma that engulfs the entire area).

Uncle Julio's in Stonebridge

Uncle Julio’s in Stonebridge @ Potomac Town Center

Located at 14900 Potomac Town Place, Suite 150, Woodbridge, VA 22191, Uncle Julio’s is the epitome of an “old reliable” dining location.

The food is amazing, the wait staff is always friendly and, for those warm Northern Virginia summer nights, it even has an outdoor dining area.

Add the music and you will think you have just stepped south of the border.

It is technically a Mexican restaurant, but the menu is what I would call eclectic (in a good way). Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Woodbridge Va Offers Menu Selections Beyond Tex Mex!

You will find your standards – tacos, enchiladas and fajitas – but mixed in are frog legs, quail and pork rib dishes.
A varied dinner menu to say the least.

Start your Uncle Julio’s dining experience with their guacamole and queso appetizer combo! Personally, I love the quesadillas. As a main course, how about the mesquite grilled fajitas or some classic Tex-Mex fare con frijoles?

Uncle Julios Restaurant Woodbridge Va - I've often wondered - on a cuisine level - what the difference was between Tex Mex food and true Mexican recipes. Basically, it's Mexican cuisine with big Texas flavor but I did not realize there was such a difference in the use of ingredients between the two.

Come hungry! ==> Here is the Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant menu for the Woodbridge, Virginia location.

Uncle Julio's Swirl Margarita

Uncle Julio’s Swirl Margarita

Now, before we get too far down the road, let me tell you about The Swirl Margarita, it is uh-mazing (yes, it’s that good).

The Swirl, as it’s commonly referred to, is a little bit of frozen traditional margarita and a little bit of frozen red Sangria, all mixed together and served in a frosty mug.

It goes down all too easy and is also known for causing many a brain freeze.

Give me a Swirl with some of Uncle Julio’s fresh guacamole and queso and I’d be set for the evening.

But alas, I must eat a “full” meal.

Our Go-To Meals Never Disappoint

My go-to meal at Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Woodbridge Va is actually an appetizer, the Chicken Fajita Quesadillas.

I always have to do a double take when looking for them as you get a huge plate full of gooey, cheesy chicken (and caramelized onion) goodness.

I suppose it could be an appetizer for one person, but it serves as a meal for me. The kids get the “Kidsadillas” and my husband is a fajita fanatic and is never disappointed.

If you’re looking for a new twist on Mexican food, Uncle Julio’s is the place to go!

Article courtesy of contributor E.Grace from Dumfries, Virginia.

More Uncle Julio Menu Selections!

Ensalada Especial with Grilled Salmon

Ensalada Especial with grilled salmon

Ensalada Especial with Grilled Salmon


Uncle Julio’s Chicken Quesadilla Platter

Uncle Julio's Chicken Quesadilla Platter

Uncle Julio’s Chicken Quesadilla Platter


Uncle Julio’s is right off the Dale Boulevard exit on I-95 so don’t drive by Woodbridge, Virginia without a stop to eat.

We’re talking fine Mexican food at Uncle Julios Mexican restaurant!

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