Mobile Game Truck Parties: How To Host The Best Gaming Party In The Neighborhood

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Mobile Game Truck Parties – E.Grace (Contributor) Dumfries, Virginia (March, 2014) —

The boys’ birthday parties have run the gamut – movie theater, laser tag, bowling alley, etc. – so we were looking for something different, special, for their milestone 10th.

It was by sheer chance that my husband and I saw a Game Truck while out for a walk one day.


Mobile Game Truck Parties Are A Kid’s Wildest Dream!

Interior of the Game Truck. Notice the extreme focus 🙂

What is a Game Truck?… It is every little, and big, boy’s dream come true.

It is a fully climate-controlled game center on wheels. Each Game Truck comes with over-sized leather chairs, five widescreen TVs and all of your favorite video game consoles and games (it has room for about 16 kids).

For our event, we opted for a two-hour party, but you can get up to three.

They give you postcard invitations for 20 and e-vite cards, if you’d rather send invitations by e-mail.

The Game Truck drives right up to your house and is completely self-contained.

The kids had an amazing time and the parents were in awe – they hadn’t seen anything like it either and were wishing they had known about it sooner.

It was the best birthday party ever!!

Game Truck Party Ideas

There are as many party ideas as there are games to play! Wii, Playstation and Xbox Xbox One S 1TB Console - Starter Bundle New Price: $292.00 Old Price: $299.99You Save: $7.99 (as of 11/13/2018 04:38 UTC) . Beyond just hosting a two or three hour party on the truck, you can also decorate and host a themed party.

It’s simply amazing to see the available party supplies and balloons related to video game and gaming systems.

Spectacular Xbox Party Ideas & Favors

Individually Wrapped Xbox Game Controller Sugar Cookies
Xbox controller shaped sugar cookies
Can you imagine the time spent making and decorating these incredible sugar cookies? They look so realistic and well…sugary but i bet they taste so good.

Follow the well illustrated step by steps directions and use a special shaped cookie cutter to speed things up.


Slice Into An Xbox Game Controller Layer Cake!
Xbox controller shaped layer cake
Prefer making one big 9 by 13 inch cake instead of 2 dozen cookies? It may be just a wee bit easier than the cookies but this cake is as detailed as the cookies.
The Createry Shop

Amy’s Party Ideas

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