Kayak Fishing Summer Camp: PWC Parks & Rec Summer Camp At Lake Ridge Park Marina

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Last year, we launched off summer vacation with kayak fishing summer camp at the Lake Ridge Park Marina – Prince William County Park Authority and LRPRA.

The Marina is on the Occoquan Reservoir and located at  12350 Cotton Mill Drive.  This Prince William County park also includes a public golf course and nature trails.

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Kayak Fishing Summer Camp 2016: Day By Day Activities

If you and the kids love fishing (like we do) and being on or in the water (like we do), then this is the summer camp for you!

Day 1: Introduction To Kayaking


Our first day at camp, we went out on the water in the kayak of our choice to learn the basics of kayaking.

Rule number 1 is to always wear a quality life jacket.

Campers could pick from sit on top one person kayaks style= or sit in kayaks style=.

One of the activities was racing.  Once we were back on shore, we learned how to fish.

This lesson included how to set the hook, put bait on the hook, cast the line and hopefully reel in a fish.

Although we can bring our own fishing gear, on day 1 camp counselors provide all the equipment from fishing rods, hooks and worms for bait style=.


Day 2: How To Control Your Boat

Today, new kids came to camp for the first time.  We took the opportunity to improve on paddling techniques and stroke skills we learned the day before while the “newbies” learned the basics.

New skills were also introduced – like a 4 point turn method.

We fished off the docks but didn’t catch any fish.  At least 50 bluegills swarmed around going after the bread we used not just to attract them but also for bait.  Even though it was the perfect weather for fishing, not one fish was brought out of the water!

Let a paddling expert teach you about various kayak strokes and how to control your boat.

Kayak Fishing Summer Camp - In 2016, we launched off summer vacation with kayak fishing camp at the Lake Ridge Park Marina - Prince William County Park Authority. If you and the kids love fishing (like we do) and being on or in the water (like we do), then this is the summer camp for you!
Kayak Fishing Summer Camp @ LRPRA

 Kayak Fishing:Rigging, Lures, Baits, and Techniques Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-in Fishing Kayak (Olive, 10-Feet) Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak (Olive, 10-Feet) Kayak Fishing: The Complete Guide For Beginners

Day 3: Off To Fish On Kayaks

Today is the first time we went out to fish on the kayaks. We checked out several different coves to fish but we were probably too noisy when you think of all the paddles hitting the water and all the campers talking.

It was also hot that day so not many fish were up on the surface waiting for our juicy green nightcrawlers. Our camp counselor was the only one to catch a fish – a bluegill.

Even though we did not catch any fish, we had a lot of fun going out on the kayaks.


Day 4: Rained Out 😞

Summer brings storms.  We woke up to severe thunderstorms and pouring rain.

Needless to say, camp was cancelled but ….did you know that once you paddle out of the marina itself, you can turn left or right into the more than 2,000 acre Occoquan Reservoir?

The right branch is about 2 miles long and ends just above the dam near the town of Occoquan.  Take a left out of the marina and you have about 13 miles of waterway to explore.

Last year, we made a left turn and paddled our boards all the way to one of the large coves in Fountainhead Regional Park (on the Fairfax County side of the reservoir).

Then we paddled back to the marina!  The video at the bottom of the post gives a great drone’s eye view of the Lake Ridge marina and parts of the reservoir.

Day 4 Revisited: A Kayak Free For All! 😊

Finally! Today, the last day of kayak fishing summer camp, we finally had the opportunity to put it all together – kayaking and fishing and just having fun doing whatever we wanted to do.

I fished while my brother raced others in a free for all kind of day.

We came fully equipped with our own fishing tackle, nightcrawlers and bread to attract the fish.

We had the hats, the sunscreen, the water bottles and everything else we needed – and even caught a few fish.


Thank you for joining us on our first 2016 vacation adventure.

Last year, we explored the Occoquan Reservoir standing on paddle boards New Price: (as of 07/27/2021 17:29 UTC) and fished the reservoir in a jon boat style= but this year’s kayak fishing summer camp has to be the best summer camp experience we’ve had at Lake Ridge Marina!

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