Boeuf Bourguignon Slow Cooker: Easy French Comfort Food

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Boeuf Bourguignon Slow Cooker – At home, I call it Boeuf Bourguignon or Boeuf à la Bourguignonne and I often prepare it in a slow cooker.

Whether you call it beef in English or boeuf in French, this classic French recipe is an easy and economical stew recipe for home style comfort food!

It also happens to be perfectly suited and easily adapted for cooking in your favorite crock pot.

Boeuf Bourguignon Slow Cooker Recipe

Have crock pot will cook… and still have plenty of time for everything else we do. These days we can have local products delivered right to our door.


Where Do You Shop?

Prefer to do your own shopping? I do 😏

Wegmans® Potomac is my go-to market for many of the pieces of meat I use in recipes. However, I shop wherever I find the proper ingredients.

Harris Teeter® in the Shops At County Center off Hoadly Road also carries unusual cuts of beef.

No time to shop for groceries? No worries! This is grocery shopping made simple.

Here’s a fresh market delivery service complete with the cut of boneless chuck roast needed for the Beef Bourguignon recipe.

#beefbourguignon - When it comes to the cut of #beef, try to find one that has a good ratio of fat to meat - I don't mean a fatty piece of meat but well marbled for a fork tender #slowcooker #meal
Easy Steps To A One Pot Meal!

Using Different Cuts Of Beef

When it comes to the cut of beef, try to find one that has a good ratio of fat to meat – I don’t mean a fatty piece of meat but well marbled.

If you can find Prime cuts of chuck, try it for this recipe but Choice meats cook up just as flavorful.

This traditional Beef Bourguignon recipe may be the easiest of all – whether you prepare it stove top in my favorite French oven  or in a slow cooker.

 Benedicta Gourmet Burgundy Sauce – Sauce Bourguignonne – 8.8 oz.Benedicta Gourmet Burgundy Sauce - Sauce Bourguignonne - 8.8 oz.

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