Best Gift Ideas For Commuters: How To Make The Daily Commute A Little Easier

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Best Gift Ideas For Commuters – Wondering what some of the best gift ideas are for daily commuters?

After all, if they are going to spend that much time drivingriding Metro or the VRE – every day – they may as well be as comfortable and productive as can be during what can be long hours.


Taming The Beltway & Interstate 95

In Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. area, the commute on the Beltway and Interstate 95 can be quite routine.  It can also develop into a real monster where the regular 1 hour commute expands to several hours.

The photo below shows what I would describe as “piece of cake” commuting – no construction, no accidents, no fender benders.  All in all, the traffic is flowing smoothly.  How often does that happen?  No comment  🙂

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Where to find some of the best gift ideas for commuters!
Does your commute involve traveling out of state or even out of the country on occasion? We have three such commuters! Check out these interesting finds for long distance commuters.

Where To Find The Best Gift Ideas For Commuters

Heated Seats

The best feature in my car are the heated seats.

Nothing, but nothing compares to getting into a cold car in the dead of winter and having to sit there on a frozen seat until the car warms up sufficiently to feel comfortable while wearing a down parka!

heated car seat covers

Feeling the seat warm up will work wonders on the morale first thing in the morning.

I’m not saying it will “make your day” but it will come close to making the first few minutes outdoors more appealing.

The next best thing would be a remote start system!

Driving Mocs

Driving shoes – that’s what we all need! I love the dark green shoe pictured above but check out this selection of other colors and patterns in the same driving shoe!

Coach driving shoe

More often than not, my daughter drives to work. She spends close to one hour on the road in the morning and at least that long at the end of the work day.

As the driver, she needs to be comfortable behind the wheel. High heels only get scratched going from accelerator to brake pedals. They’re not very comfortable or cozy in that line of work.

One Christmas, I gave her two pairs of shoes specifically for driving to and from work! First was a pair of foldable ballet flats.

For winter days, I gave her a pair of my favorite winter shoes.

In a hurry? ===> Acorn makes what i believe to be the perfect driving shoe for dry weather!

Perfect Ideas For Bikers & Motorcyclists

The BoblBee Biker Backpack

boblbee biker packpack - Where to find some of the best gift ideas for commuters!
Sometimes the weather does not cooperate. Keep their commuting gear dry with weatherproof backpacks.

These backpacks are perfect for anyone commuting on a motorcycle in all weather conditions.

Big enough to hold a change of clothes, shoes and just about anything the commuter might carry on a daily basis.

Dude, I Want That!

Illuminating Tuques

glow in the dark hat - Where to find some of the best gift ideas for commuters!
Do you ride a bike to work? Do you ride a convertible folding bike for a certain distance and then hop on the metro the rest of the way to the office?

Stay safe now that the entire rush hour now happens almost entirely in the hours of darkness.

Be sure to use the best super bright bicycle head and tail lights.

Best Ideas For Train Commuters

Original Travel Pillow

It’s not the smallest item to tote around with you day in and day out, but if you travel any distance – every day – on a train, this pillow is worth every penny. Take a 20 minute power nap and arrive refreshed.

Original Travel Pillow - Best Gift Ideas For Commuters

This light-weight and compressable pillow garnered great reviews from local commuters and air travel passengers as well.

The Comfy Commuter pillow comes in two version: the “basic” and the original that “compacts” into a bag complete with pocket!

Comfy Commuter.

The “J” Pillow

I know…it does not looks very comfortable at all! Apparently it cradles the back of the neck, prevents your head from falling forward and allows you to lean you head to the side with a minimum of stress to the spine.

 J-pillow, Travel Pillow – Head, Chin and Neck Support



It also serves as a neck pillow and is mashine washable. Oh! and it comes in more than one color. As long as it works right?

Of course, there are one hundred and one other ways to improve your commute.  Buzzfeed found at least 26 of them – some of which are winners!

Whether you’re the commuter or it’s someone else in your family, stay tuned as we’ll keep adding to the list of gift ideas for commuters.


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